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Making Newborn Danglies

A newborn’s vision is blurry beyond ten inches and their perception of color is hazy, so the very first Montessori material is a black and white mobile with crisp lines and simple shapes. The Munari mobile, as it’s called, is simple yet interesting, making it intriguing and stimulating to a newborn while not being overstimulating. Mobiles help infants develop their vision and tracking skills. The Munari mobile is just the first in a series of Montessori mobiles designed to meet infants at different developmental levels.

I’m thrilled to report, I’ve just gained a new nephew! To entertain his big sisters and provide them with a safe way to interact with their new brother, I made them a Munari-inspired kit for making newborn danglies.

The kit consists of four packets, each labeled with a shape (square, triangle, circle, hourglass). The packets contain:

  • A piece of yarn
  • Three pieces of black paper with the shape traced on in small, medium, and large
  • Three pieces of white paper again with the shape traced on in small, medium, and large
  • An example of the finished dangly in that shape

The project then goes as follows:

  1. Get your scissors, glue stick, and hole-punch
  2. Dump out one packet
  3. Cut along the lines to get six similar shapes: small, medium, and large each in both black and white
  4. Glue the large pieces together
  5. Glue the medium pieces onto the large pieces (opposite colors)
  6. Glue the small pieces onto the medium pieces (opposite colors)
  7. Punch a hole
  8. Tie on the piece of yarn

And you’re done! Hang the danglies over where the newborn likes to lay, or if you’re like my nieces, wear them as necklaces!

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