I would say that I am a young mom, but now in my 30s I don’t know anymore… I spent most of my 20s working with kids in Montessori environments and after school programs. As the Director of Robotics at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry I applied my Montessori training in an unexpected way by designing age-appropriate robotics projects for kids ages two to twelve. Through this work I discovered that I love reusing, recycling, and sourcing fun materials to come up with activities that are alluring and just the right amount of challenge for children. Now, a mom and aunt, I can’t help myself but spend hours planning the perfect ‘small works’ for the little ones I love. I hope you will find some of my ideas useful in your own lives!

Elara Willett

M.Ed. Montessori Education

Disclaimer: My mom tells me that to give a full picture of myself, I must (proudly!) admit that the remainder of my 20s were spent doing math or math-related activities for work and fun. To prove it, here’s a pic of me playing a very nerdy board game while holding a sleepy four-month-old.