Interested in collaborating? Let me know! I love projects large and small. I particularly love creating spaces, materials, stories, curriculums, etc. for young children.

At some point I’d like to team-up with a business/marketing savvy partner and carry-out a big idea. Here’s my current favorite idea:

Purposeful Playdates

At home with my child for almost two years now, I have not only often felt mentally unstimulated, but also underutilized in an economic sense. So what if there were more volunteer opportunities that specifically targeted parents at-home with young kids? One way this might work is what I call Purposeful Playdates. The goal is to help low-income parents who are in-need of English, GED, or other tutoring. The idea is to create a website that matches up a parent in-need of tutoring, a parent able to tutor, and a ‘host’ parent who provides space and childcare for the tutoring sessions.