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Must-Have Early Literacy and Numeracy Materials

There are a lot of Montessori materials, many more then fit in a home! And yet, I have acquired MANY of them! But here is the short list of the reading and math materials/activities that I highly recommend for homeschooling ages 2-6! Beginning Reading and Writing Beginning Math Keep early math practice playful and when… Continue reading Must-Have Early Literacy and Numeracy Materials

homeschooling · Threes to Sixes

Un-Montessori Montessori Homeschooling

Deciding to homeschool my rising kindergartener a few months ago, I’ve spent every week since then oscillating between vastly different plans for my initial homeschool setup. Should there be a set time that we do specific subjects? Should we have no curriculum plans at all, and just follow interests? Should we focus on learning skills… Continue reading Un-Montessori Montessori Homeschooling

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Following the Child

When I have someone over to my house who knows a bit about Montessori, they often observe my elder child and comment something like, “Oh, he’s clearly a Montessori kid!” He doesn’t go to Montessori school, and we don’t have any of the classic Montessori materials out, so what brings guests to this conclusion? For… Continue reading Following the Child

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Easy Tidy Toy Organization

In a Montessori classroom, there are rows of shelves filled with open trays of carefully grouped pieces. It is beautiful… but at home with little chaos tornados running around, it would be a disaster. At home, everything is going to get dumped on the floor and no one is going to spend more than a… Continue reading Easy Tidy Toy Organization

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Crafting Math Beads

Some worry that because Montessori students choose their own work, they will be left with massive knowledge gaps in the areas in which they have little inherent interest. I’m of the opinion that regardless of the pedagogy one is taught under, knowledge acquisition is a choice and cannot be successfully forced upon unwilling students. Thus… Continue reading Crafting Math Beads