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Family Photo Book

Around six months baby B was starting to concentrate on parts of the images in his baby books. He’d stare at just one detail while giving it a slow pet with his fingers. At this stage, I decided to make him a baby photo book to help him:

  • Learn to recognize images
  • Learn the names of family members
  • Develop an appreciation of books

To make the project more fun, I roped in my then 3.5-year-old niece N. Over to her house I brought:

  • A baby board book that we were not fond of
  • Round stickers
  • Pictures of B with various family members

With N providing the glue sticks and scissors, we cut the photos to size, glued them into the book, and put stickers on the corners for extra security. I love doing projects with N, and it gave her an opportunity to:

  • Practice her fine motor skills
  • Practice following a series of steps
  • Practice helping others
  • Get ideas for new projects

Now nearly ten months, this is B’s favorite book, and I love that his cousin helped to make it. I hope that when he’s a bit older, it will inspire him to create and it will remind him that his cousins love him!

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